Research & Rates

Rates – Indexes – Charts

 American LoanSearch
Amer Loan Search Finan. News rates Rate Brief Charts
CMHPI -Conv Mtg Hse Pr. Index
COFI: Cost of Funds Index
Crestmont Research
DecisionPoint Charts
EconoMagic % downloads
FHFB MIRS – Mo.Int.Rate Survey
FRBNY -Global Rates
Freddie weekly survey
FRED rate downloads (StL Fed)
HSH News
HSH stats
HSH Metro%
HSH Hybrid%
HSH 4axis chart
Libor – BBA
Libor – BBA Historic
MBA Market Data
Mortgage-Net News,% 
NASD BondInfo (Corp.)

OFHEO HPI – Housing Price Indx
OFHEO HPI – Freq Asked ?’s
Rate Histories –

Mortgage X

  8 Arm Indexes
Freddy Rate Survey
Rate Trends:3mo-1yr-3yr

  Treasury Rate History
User Defined Rates

Economists & Think Tanks
  AEI – Amer. Enterprise Institute
Brookings Institutuion
Bernstein – Peter Bernstein
CATO Institute
CEI – Compet. Enterprise Inst.
Center for Immigration Studies
CEPR – Center Economy Pol. Re.
Brad DeLong
Economic Policy Institute
EconomicPrincipals Editorial Archives
Federalist Society
Heritage Foundation
IPI – Institute for Policy Innovation
JEC – Joint Economic Committee

Krugman – Paul Krugman 
  Kudlow  – Larry Kudlow
Library Economics & Liberty
Mackay – Charles Mackay
Madison – Jas. Madison Institute
Milken Institute
Mercatus Center
Mises Institute
Mosler – Warren Mosler
Nat’l Center for Policy Analysis
Quar. Journal Austrian Econ.
RPPI: Reason Public Policy Insti.
Taylor – John Taylor
UCLA Lusk Center Working Papers
Weidenbaum Center – Wash U.
Yardeni – Ed Yardeni

Research Sources
  BLS Data Downloads
Cambrdge Consumer.Debt Index
Census Bureau City Demographics
Census Bureau Fact Finder
CensusHousing Stats
Census 2001 abstracts
Central Bank Res.Hub – Institutions

Central Bank Res. Hub – Recent Adds

CFEPS Papers

Corporate Annual Reports
Danskebank Economic Research

Dent (Harry) Real Estate Series
Deloitte Pubs. & Papers
EconData.Net (Regional)
ECRI – Econ. Cycle Res. Inst. Abstracts
Fairmodel Macro Econ Model
FASB Statements – All of them
FedStats(100 Agenices)
FDIC Survey Real Est. Trends
Finance Glossary – Campbell Harvey
FinanceJournals – Ohio State
Finance – papers

Finance Working Papers – John Scordo

Finan, Data Finder – Ohio State
FNMA Foundation
FinanceGlossary 2000terms: Global Investment Glossary
FRB NY National Economy Papers economic data
FRED data downloads 
Glossary -Secondary Mortgage Mkt.
Gummy Stuff – Financial Tutorials
HUD Online Library Homebuilder Res.
Cyberhood Library Housing
JCHS Harvard – Housing Studies
JCHS Harvard – Working Papers
Journal of Financial Planning
Journal of Fixed Income – Abstracts
Journal of Real Estate Research

Katolay Mortgage Prepay Research
LendLease Housing Research
LoanPerformance Research Library
Local Market Monitor
MBA Data on Demand
MBA Market & Mortgage Data
Money Mkt Instrument: Fed Richmond
Mortgage-X Mortgage Library
OFHEO Public Documents 
OSU Link Collections – huge info source

OSU Virtual Financial Library
Research Papers – Campbell Harvey
Securitization Primers – Ian Giddy
Social Science Data Analy.Network
Social Science Research Network
Tax Assesors – Portico
UCLA Lusk Center Working Papers
Vanderbilt Capital Advisors Publications

Wholesale Access – Mtge Research


Prediction Markets

  Iowa Article MSNBC
Iowa Election Market Website

  Fed Funds Forecast TrendMacro
Election & Stock Market TrendMacro


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