Rising Rate Effects, Private Label Litigation, Kroll Looks at FNMA, Basel 3 and Risk sharing, Unemployment Seasonality, Dodd Frank – Risk Retention – Guarantees, DQs Plummet, Fed Shakeup, Employment 1955-2013, Eminent Domain, CFPB Complaint Department, Pew Study on Ben


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A New Survey Shows That Surging Mortgage Rates Aren’t Freaking Out American Homebuyers – MAMTA BADKAR – Mortgage rates have been rising for some time now. Fannie Mae’s July national housing survey showed that 62% of respondents think mortgage rates will continue to rise over the next 12 months, this is up from 57% in June. – Business Insider 

As mortgage rates rise, ARMs finding favor – Tim Mullaney, USA TODAY – Adjustable-rate mortgages are starting to creep back into the real estate market as fixed-rates move from their all-time lows. 
(2008 private label deals) DOJ and SEC File (Civil) Suits Against Bank of America
BY PHILIP R. STEIN – Mortgage Crisis Watch 

(mortgage-related) JPMorgan Reveals It Faces Criminal and Civil Inquiries


Kroll digs into Freddie data to prep for potential risk-sharing securitizations – Kerri Ann Panchuk – Housingwire  
Fitch: Basel III Treatment for GSE Risk-Sharing Deals Unclear – BUSINESS WIRE – MarketWatch 
(on Unemployment numbers – 3 charts) Seasonality adjustment magic aside, private payrolls are growing in a linear fashionSober Look Blog 
(retaining 5%) Dodd-Frank Risk Retention Would “Dramatically Shrink” CLO Market, Managers Say –  Kerry Kantin – Forbes

Dodd-Frank Rules Impact Standard Subsidiary Loan Guarantees – By William R. Parish, Jr. – Law.com
First mortgage delinquencies plummet – Few loans originated after 2010 fall deliquentHousingwire 
The Federal Reserve Board May Be Headed For A Big Shakeup When Bernanke Leaves – DAVID KOTOK, CUMBERLAND ADVISORS – Business Insider 
An Analysis of July Employment Numbers 1955 to 2013; Full-Time Employment Down Over 5 Million Since 2007 – Mike Shedlock – Reader Tim Wallace provides another excellent set of graphs on employment as shown below. – MISH’S Global Economic Trend Analysis

Eminent Domain Mortgage Battle Is a Lose-Lose Situation – BY Shanthi Bharatwaj – TheStreet.com 
(please don’t fine me) Watchdog’s complaint tracking gets results – Jayne O’Donnell, USA TODAY – The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s growing complaint database is a valuable guide for consumers shopping for financial services, says Director Richard Cordray in an interview.

(great slides) Bernanke Wants 2% Inflation in a Deflationary World; Who Pays the Price? – Mike Shedlock – PEW Social Trends research shows a Record 21.6 Million Young Adults Live in Their Parents’ Home – Here are some clips from the fascinating PEW study. – MISH’S Global Economic Trend Analysis


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