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Survey finds housing market in mania: Two-thirds of potential buyers willing to use ‘aggressive’ buying tactics. Is the real estate market overheating and is the CPI missing it once again?Dr. Housing Bubble
Balance for Seriously Delinquent Mortgages Hits 5-Year Low – BY: ESTHER CHO – DS News 
(All is well) Recession over in Phoenix – Megan Hopkins – One of the hardest hit markets is now recession-freeHousingwire 

(Q. Would NAR say otherwise?) More Americans Say Buying a Home is a Good Financial Decision – BY: ESTHER CHO – Americans hold a more positive view of the housing market, while an increasing share of renters plan to own, according to the 2013 National Housing Pulse Survey from the National Association of Realtors (NAR).  The M Report

(Chicago) Home prices post another yearly gainChicago RE Daily – Chicago-area single-family home prices were 8.5 percent higher in May compared with the same month last year, the seventh straight year-over-year increase in a closely watched index. 
(read it all lots of good stuff) Comment on House Prices: Real Prices, Price-to-Rent Ratio, Cities – by Bill McBride – Calculated Risk

(interactive chart) Just In: Latest Monthly Home ValuesZillow Real Estate Market
Inland Empire housing markets are still extremely undervaluedOC Housing News

(most extensive list of data manipulation I have seen) When Bad Government Policy Leads to Bad Results, the Government Manipulates the Data … Instead of Changing Policy – Submitted by George Washington – Zero Hedge 
(lots of facts good read) American Dream Slipping as Homeownership at 18-Year Low – By Prashant Gopal & Clea Benson – Bloomberg 
Obama: Top Tax Rate Should Be 28% for Corporations, 40% for Small Business –  JOHN MCCORMACK – The Weekly Standard – (all this will do is cause the small businesses to convert to being corporations BC) 
(reverse mortgage details) Urban Financial Sells to Investor Group in $80 Million Deal – by Elizabeth Ecker – Urban Financial Group will be acquired by an investor group affiliated with Walter Investment Management Corp. in an $80 million deal, the company announced Tuesday. The reverse mortgage business has long been operated under the ownership of Knight Capital Group. Knight has since merged with Getco LLC, a Chicago-based trading firm – more – Reverse Mortgage Daily
Walter Investment subsidiary buys MSRs from UrbanHousingwire 
(dark horse) Could Geithner End Up the Next Fed Chairman? – By Albert R. Hunt – Bloomberg 
Eliminating Federal Tax Code for Mortgage Deduction Would Shrink Economy by $254 BillionNational Mortgage Professional – Eliminating the federal tax code’s deduction for mortgage interest could have a dramatically negative effect on jobs and economic growth if not paired up with other tax reforms to cushion the impact, according to a new study by the Tax Foundation. 

ECONOMIST: These Home Price Gains Are Not Normal, Sustainable, Or Believable – JOE WEISENTHAL – Svenja Gudell, a senior economist at home price website Zillow, has some sharp words about today’s Case-Shiller home price report, which indicated the fastest pace of annual price acceleration since 2006. – Business Insider


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