GNMA Loan Level Data, FHA Golden Nugget, What the Fed Controls, Overbidding, Hot in D.C., 8 in 10, LS 7.9% Rise, Harley Bassman, Larry Doyle on Larry Summers, Refi Drop, Mortgage Deduction, Zero Down, T-bill Supply Low, Fortress Servicing Deal, Moodys on PATH Act


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Ginnie Mae to Release Loan-Level DataNational Mortgage Professional – Ginnie Mae announced that beginning Aug. 2,  it will release loan-level data for newly issued single-family mortgage-backed securities (MBS). This file will be released on a daily basis. The loan-level disclosure file will contain 36 data elements including information regarding borrowers’ debt-to-income (DTI) ratios and credit scores.

Lawmakers bury gold nugget for servicers in FHA reform bill –  Kerri Ann Panchuk – … The Senate Banking Committee tweaked the proposed ‘FHA Reform’ bill this week to include a provision that would allow the FHA to transfer subservicing duties to specialty servicers. Granted the bill has yet to reach the floor for a full vote, but the change could prove beneficial to servicers if the legislation ever takes effect. … – Housingwire 
(good Fed primer) The Fed Doesn’t Control as Much as You Think It Does – Charles Hugh Smith – Of Two Minds 

(overbidding) Survey Reveals ‘Aggressive’ Tactics Worried Buyers Are Willing to Use – BY: ESTHER CHO – Low inventory coupled with rising mortgage rates and home prices are leading prospective buyers to consider using “aggressive” tactics such as overbidding to obtain a home, according to recent survey from Trulia. – more – DS News 
(hot in D.C.) Washington area homes fly off the listings fast – By Amrita Jayakumar – … This tight inventory is pushing up home prices, setting up bidding wars and pricing new home buyers out of a market that is still enjoying historically low mortgage rates. … – Washington Post 
Eight in 10 Americans Say Owning Is a Good Financial Decision – BY: ESTHER CHO –   Americans hold a more positive view of the housing market, while an increasing share of renters plan to own, according to the 2013 National Housing Pulse Survey from the National Association of Realtors (NAR). – DS News

Annual home prices rise 7.9% in latest LPS report – By Megan Hopkins – Housingwire 
(rising prices cure many ills) More mortgage delinquencies cure on improved home prices – By Brena Swanson – Housingwire 
(Harley Bassman’s 2 big reasons) ANALYST: Bernanke Is Definitely Going To Taper Soon, And It Has ‘Nothing’ To Do With The Economy – JOE WEISENTHAL – Business Insider
(Big Banks want Larry) Why Larry Summers Will Be Next Fed Chair – Posted by Larry Doyle – Sense on Cents 
May Sees Drop in Refinances as HARP Volume Hits 2013 Low – BY: TORY BARRINGER – The M Report 
Tax Foundation: End of mortgage deduction equals 659,000 jobs lost – Posted by Kerri Ann Panchuk – Housingwire 
Cross Collateralization – A Zero Down Financing Method – JULY 30, 2013 BY BRIAN KLINE – Realty Biz News 
(chart) Treasury bill supply hits new lows – Since the beginning of the year the US treasury curve has steepened substantially, with yields on the short-end actually declining. – Sober Look Blog 
Fortress Announces Successful Close of Second Mortgage Servicing Rights Fund – By Business Wire – 
(Moodys on PATH Act) Report: GSE Reform Won’t Take Shape for Another Few Years – BY: ESTHER CHO – DS News


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