HUD’s New ‘Fair Housing’ Rule, Different Flipping, Rates to Rise, QE Is So Out, Housing Groundhog Day, CA Surge, Home Price Chart, Dave Stevens likes PATH Act, ZIRP’s $10.8T Cost, John Paulson Loves Housing, Don’t Fight the Fed, 2 on Lew


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(big deal)  Establishes Diversity Data for Every Neighborhood in U.S. – By Susan Jones  – CNS News

‘Flipping’ makes US comeback as house prices rise – By Anjli Raval in New York – 
Analysts: Expect mortgage rates to rise, not soar – By Brena Swanson – Housingwire 

(Hello guidance, goodbye QE?) QE Is So Out – JOE WEISENTHAL – Business Insider 
Housing Groundhog Day: A homecoming for low down payment mortgages and record breaking year-over-year median home price gain in Southern California. The housing mania is in full swing here in Southern California.  A headline reads “record yr/yr gain for median price” in reference to Southern California.  Keep in mind that only a few short years ago we had the biggest housing bubble ever pop in spectacular Hollywood fashion.  Well the bubble is back.  Not the same kind but a newly evolved real estate fever.  The players are different this time. – Dr. Housing Bubble

Home price rebound has look of a boom – By Andrew Khouri and Alejandro Lazo – The 28% surge in Southern California’s median home price in June sets a record, exceeding any month during the housing bubble last decade. – LA Times

(Corelogic chart) American Home Prices Are Still Way Off Of Their Highs
STEVEN PERLBERG    – Business Insider 
(Dave Stevens likes PATH Act) MBA Keeps Pushing For Secondary Market Reforms – by 
(3 charts and comments) Savers And The ‘Real’ $10.8 Trillion Cost Of ZIRP – Submitted by Tyler Durden – The bad news ‘reality’ of the Bernanke-aided Main-Street ‘recovery’ is that savers have missed out on a whopping $10.8 trillion in earned interest usage. The good news behind the bottom 85% of close-to-retiree status Baby Boomers that participate in the “markets” via sub $50,000 retirement money is that at some point, the voters might actually get smart and get mad at how much money has been siphoned from them. – Zero Hedge
John Paulson, Who Killed It Shorting Subprime Housing, Says Owning A Home Now Is The ‘Best Investment’ An Individual Can Make – Buy a second home if you can, he says. – JULIA LA ROCHE – Business Insider 
After 5 Years, It Actually Sounds Like Wall Street’s Most Badass Investors Are Finally Done Fighting The Fed – LINETTE LOPEZ – Business Insider 
(Sooner than expected) Treasury’s Lew: core of Dodd-Frank to be enacted by year-end
By Sam Forgione (Reuters) 
Lew Warns Congress Against Changing Dodd-Frank Finance Rules – By Ian Katz – Bloomberg


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