More Ben Flip-Flop This Week?, Rental Mindset Change, FHA Statistical Sampling, Underwater Homeowner Myth Debunked, Obama’s Fed Opportunity, Mark Hanson on Rate Surge, Rule of Law Eroding, Rate Rise Good?, NPLs and REOs, FHA HPML Loans, Introducing MAO


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(more Ben Flip-Flop this week?) Bernanke: ‘That’s About As Clear As It Gets’ (And Other Quotes Of The Week) – David Wismer – Forbes 
Market Tensions could run high with Bernanke, earnings in week ahead – By: Patti Domm –  CNBC – Dozens of earnings reports and two days of Federal Reserve testimony could make the coming week a tense time for bulls, who are hoping to see stocks keep breaking out to new highs 
(mindset change and other reasons) The renting revolution: As home prices rise, the nation continues to add renters in lieu of home owners. Is this a temporary shift or something more permanent? – Dr. Housing Bubble 

(be careful 4 announcements) Guilty Unless Proven Innocent: FHA’s Potential New Enforcement Regime – by Phillip L. Schulman, Krista Cooley – K&L Gates –  The use of statistical sampling to evidence compliance violations without actually performing loan level reviews is at the center of a new enforcement regime that the (“HUD” or “Department”) announced on Tuesday it is considering to monitor and sanction Federal Housing Administration (“FHA”) approved mortgagees. … has 3 more HUD announcements

(debunking a myth?) Fed researcher: Underwater homes are not holding jobseekers back –  By Kerri Ann Panchuk – Researchers with the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland say underwater homeowners are no less likely to move for a new job than those with more equity in their properties. – Housingwire 
(Obama’s chance to add more doves) Bernanke Departure Heralds Cascade of Fed Appointments – By Joshua Zumbrun – … Elizabeth Duke’s resignation from the Federal Reserve Board and Chairman Ben S. Bernanke’s potential departure in January could set off a series of vacancies and appointments that give President Barack Obama the opportunity to leave his mark on the Fed for a decade or longer. … – Bloomberg
Mark Hanson…Mortgage Rate “Surge”…A Comparable Event to AnalyzeMark Hanson – What to expect from New and Existing Sales on “the Surge” in rates…I think a stimulus-induced pent-up and pulled-forward demand “hangover” similar (or greater) to mid-2010 on the sunset of the Homebuyer Tax Credit, which kicked off the “double-dip” – more 
(Is this what we really want?) Dodd-Frank, Obamacare, And The Erosion Of The Rule Of Law – By Timothy H. Lee – Forbes 
(understates importance of rate rise?) Analysts Bullish on Originations Despite Interest Rate Spikes – BY: TORY BARRINGER – The M Report 
(buying NPLs to obtain houses) Investors in nonjudicial foreclosure states turn to nonperforming loans – By Kerri Ann Panchuk – Housingwire 
FHA Mortgage Insurance Policy Change Results In More HPML Loans– The policy change requires all loans insured by the FHA with loan-to-value ratios over 90% to maintain mortgage insurance for the life of the loan. – By Roger Fendelman – MortgageOrb eFeature
(introducing MAO) The Real Cost of Rehabbing – Have you taken the time to accurately determine your real cost to acquire, rehab, and sell a project home? It’s incredibly important to do this so that you can determine the Maximum Allowable Offer (MAO) for an investment project. –  Realty Biz News

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