Home Prices and Rents Rise, GSEs and Rentals, Boomerang Buyers, CA 120% BPO Purchases, REO at GSEs, Investors, Rising Home Prices, Nationstar, Zillow and Case Shiller, Rate Rise, Short Sales, GSE Privatization


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June 2013 Home Prices Up Another 2%, Rents Continue Climbing – Mike Simonsen – Altos Research 
Fannie and Freddie Missing Out On Rental Wave – BY Shanthi Bharatwaj – … The bailed-out housing giants, also known as government sponsored enterprises or GSEs, together own over 150,000 foreclosed homes that should be ripe for the picking for investors scouting for bulk deals. But the agencies do not seem to be capitalizing on the opportunity to dispose these assets and it is unclear why. … details – The Street  
(FHA gives second chance) Oregon Experiences “Boomerang Buyer” Boom – BY ALLISON HALLIDAY – … taking advantage of foreclosure and short sales to save an average of $57,000 on property transactions. Many borrowers who have previously been through a short sale or foreclosure are now eligible for an FHA loan, and are becoming so called ‘boomerang buyers.’ … – Realty Biz News 

WASHINGTON & WALL STREET Rise, : BERNANKE’S HOUSING BUBBLE IS UNSUSTAINABLE – by CHRISTOPHER WHALEN – … Homes in desirable areas of CA, for example, are going in a matter of days and at 120% of the “broker price opinion” or BPO.  Some of the buying interest comes from investors, who are creating a feeding frenzy in some markets not seen since the bad old days of 2006-2007.  Multiple bidders for homes in the $300k, $400k and $500k range and higher are not unusual. … – Brietbart.com 
(interesting maps) REO Could Become A Serious Problem For HUD/GSEs – BY JANN SWANSON – Mortgage News Daily 
In Hot Housing Markets, Are Investors Fanning Flames? – By Karen Weise – Investors account for about a fifth of all home sales, but they affect everythingBloomberg Businessweek 
Rising Mortgage Rates, Home Prices a Lethal Brew – By Diana Olick | CNBC – Yahoo Finance 
Fortress Is Betting On Bill Collectors With Mortgage Servicer Nationstar – by Daniel Fisher – This story appears in the June 10, 2013 issue of Forbes.
Zillow: Case-Shiller House Price Index expected to show over 12% year-over-year increase in April – by Bill McBride – Calculated Risk 
How Long Until This Chart Of Rising Mortgage Rates Starts Showing Up Everywhere?
Joe Weisenthal – Business Insider 
RMBS servicers lean more heavily on short sales – By Kerri Ann Panchuk – Housingwire

Lenders Shy Away From Short Sales As Home Prices Rise – BY MIKE WHEATLEY – Realty Biz News 
(what GSE Privatization might look like) GSE Privatization, Or “Fed Magic” – Here Are The Alternatives – Submitted by Tyler Durden – Zero Hedge


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