MBA App Survey Charts, Short Sale Fraud, 9 PIMCO Cuts Mortgages, Food Stamp Record, 2 on REITs, Another Home Index Rises, Jumbo FHA LTVs, Kyle Bass at U Chicago, Fannie Mae Survey, Money Velocity


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(4 must see charts) Reading Rates: MBA Application SurveyPaper Economy – A US Real Estate Bubble Blog 

Leveraging Data to Identify Suspicious Short Sale Deals – By Evan Nemeroff – As short sale and REO fraud continues to be a prominent problem for servicers, lenders, Realtors and homebuyers to deal with on a daily basis, one industry executive recently discussed ways to determine if a transaction is legitimate and how to prevent fraudulent deals from taking placeMortgage Servicing News


PIMCO flagship fund cuts Treasuries, mortgages in February – By Sam Forgione – (Reuters) – The PIMCO Total Return Fund, the world’s largest bond fund, decreased its holdings of U.S. Treasuries and mortgage debt in February, data from the firm’s website showed on Monday. – Chicago Tribune
Foodstamp Recipients Hit Record, Alongside Record Dow Jones And Record Debt: 20% Of Eligible Americans On EBT – Submitted by Tyler Durden – charts too – Zero Hedge

REIT Dividends Are Like Snowballs: All You Need Is Wet Snow And A Long Hill – Brad Thomas – Seeking Alpha

The 2 Best mREITs To Buy Right Now – Regarded Solutions – I have written extensively about the agency mREIT sector. … As far as I am concerned, there are only two companies that should be considered “best buys” for a dividend seeking investor: Annaly Capital (NLY) and American Capital (AGNC). … tells whySeeking Alpha 
Capital Economics Revises Home Price Forecast Upward – BY: KRISTA FRANKS BROCK – DS News 
LTVs for FHA-insured jumbos – By Kerri Ann Panchuk – A Federal Housing Administration proposal to lower the loan-to-value ratio requirements for government-backed loans valued above $625,500 has gained the support of the Mortgage Bankers Association. The plan would essentially lower the required loan-to-value ratio from 96.5% to 95% for any FHA-insured loan valued above that threshold.Housingwire 
Japan: Kyle Bass must see video at University of Chicago: 16:54/58:18 – Myron Scholes Global Markets Forum: The Coming Crisis in Japan – Kyle Bass Gleacher 621

Fannie Mae Survey: Optimism Over Housing Recovery – BY MIKE WHEATLEY – Realty Biz News 
(charts too) Money Velocity Could Be A Problem When Bernanke Takes His Foot Off The Interest Rate Brake Pedal – Bruce Krasting – Business Insider


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