Guess the G-Fees, Boomer Sellers, Inventory Crunch, Household Net Worth, 15 Best Markets, No Subprime Jailed, Altos Loves Housing, SocGen Calls Rate Rise, Gundlach on Housing, Inflation – Deflation, Prepay Speeds


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Guessing game on how far G-fee hikes will go – By Christina Mlynski – Housingwire

Will there be a steady supply of homes for sale from aging baby boomers in this decade? Who will they sell to and at what price?Dr. Housing Bubble 
Zillow Observes Inventory Crunch as Selling Season Approaches – BY: TORY BARRINGER – The M Report 
(on consumer and mortgage debt) Household net worth strengthens, debt risk lingers – By Christina Mlynski – Housingwire 

The 15 Best Housing Markets For The Next Five Years – Mamta Badkar – … We drew on Fiserv Case-Shiller’s latest data to identify the best housing markets for the next five years. … – Business Insider 
Why Haven’t Any of the Sub-Prime “Criminals” Been Jailed? – Jack Guttentag – … You eliminate the profit illusion by eliminating the profit associated with violating underwriting guidelines. Existing accounting systems allow lenders to record as income all the upfront fees collected in originating loans, … When large numbers of the riskier loans went into default, it became clear that a major part of the “income”  collected in prior years was not income at all … Eliminating the profit illusion requires that reserves be set aside on each loan based on its risk. This is “transaction-based reserving”, or TBR. It is common practice in the insurance industry, including mortgage insurance, where it works very well.  … – The Mortgage Professor
Why Forecasts for the 2013 Housing Market are Too Low – Mike Simonsen – Altos Research
(calling for a rate rise) SocGen: This Will Be A Breakout Year For The US Economy, And A Watershed Moment In Markets Is About To Occur – Joe Weisenthal    – Business Insider 
(lots on housing) THE BIG EASY: Here’s Jeff Gundlach’s Huge New Presentation On Government Intervention And The State Of World Markets – Rob Wile and Sam Ro – Business Insider   slide show       as one page 
America Divided: Inflation Felt By Many While Bernanke Fights Deflation – Larry Trefz – How do you tell someone that has seen the dollar lose 80% of its value over the last 10 years that there is no inflation? – Seeking Alpha
(JPM MBS prepay speeds to fall) JPMorgan may refinance all HARP borrowers by September: BofAML – By Christina Mlynski – The potential for Home Affordable Refinance Program burnout on JPMorgan Chase serviced collateral could be reflected in slower speeds as early as the next three months, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch. – Housingwire


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