FHFA Kills FN Forced Place, Stevens on FHA, 12 FC Settlement Cash, Palm Springs, Fed Mondo Treasury Buyer, Purchase Apps Rise, Rep. Neugebauer on FHA, Rent Out Your Neighbor’s FC, Improving Markets, Vendor Responsibility, Echo Boom, Boomers Get Old, Bought With Cash


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(‘further review needed’) FHFA Kills Fannie Mae Force-Placed Insurance Plan – By Jeff Horwitz – A plan to slash premiums for replacement homeowners insurance has been killed by the Federal Housing Finance Agency, according to people informed of the agency’s decision. – American Banker

Former FHA Chief Raises Questions on Agency “Crossroads” – by Alyssa Gerace – … The housing market meltdown would have been “measurably worse” without FHA’s intervention as private lenders left the mortgage market, writes David Stevens, … in an editorial. … It is only right, says Stevens, for policymakers to evaluate FHA policies and procedures, particularly researching a strategy for the agency to return to its Congressionally-mandated 2% capital reserve ratio. … – Reverse Mortgage Daily


settlement = me want cash) Half of homeowners seek foreclosure cash – David Lee Matthews – A little more than half the foreclosed Illinois homeowners eligible for payments in a national legal settlement applied for the money, in line with the national average. – Chicago RE Daily 
Palm Springs Real Estate Sales Still Driven By Canadian Baby Boomers – BY ALLISON HALLIDAY – Realty Biz News
“In Feb 2013, Fed Will Buy 75% Of New 30y Treasury Supply” – Submitted by Tyler Durden – … Twist and QE operations have significantly lengthened the WAM of the Fed’s SOMA portfolio. The Fed currently owns 29% of all marketable 10yr Equivalents outstanding ... – Zero Hedge 
(so far in 2013) Fed Has Bought More U.S. Gov’t Debt This Year Than Treasury Has Issued – by By Terence P. Jeffrey – CNS News 
MBA: Purchase Mortgage Applications Increase, Highest Since May 2010 – by Bill McBride – Calculated Risk
(he is a former homebuilder) Rep. Neugebauer: This is not your parents FHA – The attacks on the Federal Housing Administration continued after a House Financial Services Committee hearing on Wednesday. Rep. Randy Neugebauer, R-Texas, issued a statement after a hearing on bringing private capital back into the housing market, saying: … – Housingwire 
Get Rich Quick Schemes For The Rest Of Us: Rent Out Your Neighbor’s Foreclosed House – Submitted by Tyler Durden – … Or, as it turns out now, one can take advantage of the latter and lever it up even more, by renting out other people’s foreclosed property without ever being present, while claiming ownership rights through “adverse possession”, keeping the inbound cash flow while having someone else on the hook should the cops come knocking. … – Zero Hedge 
List Of Improving Housing Markets Expands To All 50 States – by MortgageOrb.com

(on CFPB Bulletin 2012-03) When A Vendor’s Mistake Becomes Your Responsibility – by Ravi Bapodra – MortgageOrb 
MEET THE ‘ECHO BOOM’: The 80 Million People Who Will Save The American Economy – Rob Wile – Business Insider – … Thanks to the Echo Boom…
Stocks will go up
More households will be formed, leading to a recovery in real estate.
The national income will surge.
Lots more spending will happen.

(would Honey Boo Boo care?) Entering Old Age, Boomers are Fatter, Less Active Than Previous Generations – Alyssa Gerace – The baby boomer generation isn’t necessarily healthier than their forbears as they head into old age despite medical advances made in their lifetimes, finds a study published in the JAMA Internal Medicine journal, and the implications for healthcare costs as a result could be “astounding.” – Senior Housing News

Record Number of California Homes Bought with Cash – … the result of high investor interest, a difficult mortgage environment, and perceived higher returns on investment, a real estate information service reported. A total of 145,797 condos and houses were bought without mortgage financing in 2012, a record. … according to San Diego-based DataQuick. … Some cash buying is part of a normal housing market, but we’re at twice that normal rate … lots moreDQ News  


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