Investors in Phoenix, QM Hurts Jumbos, Yves on Putbacks Rulings, RE/MAX Predictions, DB Housing Predictions, Put-Back Law Case, HARP Rocking, CoreLogic 2013 Trends, QM Helps Annaly, Foreclosure Review Insiders, Home Prices Rise, Hammer Down Ben, FC Inventory vs Starts, Short Sale Lease-Back, More on QM, Trapped in FHA


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(investors own 1 in 5 houses in Phoenix!) America’s New Housing Landlords – Russ Winter – Seeking Alpha
QM May Cause Jumbo-Size Hurt – By Brian Collins and Mark Fogarty – WE’RE HEARING…the qualified mortgage rule is going to hurt the private jumbo loan market. That’s because the new QM rule (thanks to the Dodd-Frank Act) prohibits interest-only loans and IO jumbos are a popular option.National Mortgage News
(references several cases) New Ruling on Mortgage Putbacks a Potential Huge Win for Banks – Yves Smith – … What makes these cases potential duds, or at best unlikely to produce damages within hailing distance of investor losses is the fact that they will likely require a loan by loan fight. Imagine the cost of each side doing discovery on a loan, and telling its version of the story as to why the borrower defaulted. Multiply that by thousands of loans and the cost of proving how much you are owed becomes very costly relative to what the plaintiff might recoup.  … – Naked Capitalism 
(has list) RE/MAX Co-Founder Offers Top 10 Predictions For 2013 – BY: ESTHER CHO – … Dave Liniger says he expects the national housing market’s rebound in 2012 to not only continue into 2013, but he also thinks the year could be the best the industry has seen in a very long time. … – DS News 
(GDP Boost) Deutsche Bank analysts make (2) huge housing prediction(s) – Posted by Jacob Gaffney –  Housingwire 
Important Buyback Victory – BY PHILIP R. STEIN – There was a very favorable development recently in one of my buyback cases … 1. The facts pertinent to each of the eight loans about which Lehman was suing are so clearly different from one loan to another that they must be adjudicated as eight different suits;2 moreMortgage Crisis Watch

New paradigm for mortgage put-back claims?Alison Frankel’s On the Case – hattip IA

LPS: HARP Continues to Drive Origination Activity – BY: TORY BARRINGER    – … according to Lender Processing Services’ (LPS) Mortgage Monitor report for LPS data for October … shows origination volume reached 857,000, 20.1 percent higher than September (which had fewer business days) and 28.2 percent above year-ago levels. – The M Report

CoreLogic Heralds Positive Housing Market Trends in 2013 – BY: ABBY GREGORY – The M Report

(8 points made) Annaly: The New CFPB Rules (on QM) Could Help This Sector – Regarded Solutions – … The new rules could actually cause an increase in mortgage rates. … – Seeking Alpha

Foreclosure Review Insiders Portray Massive Failure, Doomed From The Start – Ben Hallman and Eleazar David Melendez – … It was called the Independent Foreclosure Review, and it was one of the most ambitious and costly auditing projects in U.S. history. … – Huffington Post
Home prices up the most since 2006 – By Megan Hopkins – Home prices nationwide, including distressed sales, rose 7.4% year-over-year in November, according to the latest home price index from CoreLogic. This change represents the ninth consecutive month of year-over-year price gainsHousingwire 
(Ben says keep on printing) Bernanke Gives No Sign That Ready To Ease Off – Brai Odeon Esene – MNI

(top 10 zip codes) 10 great foreclosure deals – Repossessed homes are selling at bargain prices in these hardest-hit zip codes for foreclosures – CNN Money


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