NDP on Zombie Titles – Nom de Plumber’s Thought of the Day

ndp  Nom de Plumber is a Nom de Plume




“Zombie Foreclosure” seems a new misnomer for a old problem—-irresponsible people who blame their victims.   Home buyers voluntarily assume three simultaneous roles:

  • borrowers, who contract to repay lenders
  • taxpayers, who agree to help fund public services
  • neighbors, who support community standards.

Instead, these people abandoned each role, leaving lenders with unpaid loans, other taxpayers with extra burdens, and neighbors with detracting, unsafe eyesores.  When delinquent borrowers blame lenders for their accompanying tax and property neglect, that would be as justified as blaming the unwittingly victimized neighbors or fellow taxpayers also.
There is no legal requirement for lenders to take title, just to bear the responsibilities of irresponsible homeowners.
Lenders are being criticized first for foreclosing, and for NOT foreclosing.   No wonder that private residential lending has halted, with no forecloseable……er, uh….foreseeable improvement.        

Thank you.


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