Economic Related Affecting Housing: Compounding, Age 25-43, Gamblin’ Banks, 238 Year Inflation Chart


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“The Magic Of Compounding” – The Impact Of 1% Change In Rates On Total 2022 US Debt – Submitted by Tyler Durden – Zero Hedge 
(not good if you are age 25-54) Startling Look at Employment Demographics by Age Group: Spotlight on Age 25-54 – Mike Shedlock – MISH’S Global Economic Trend Analysis   

Too-Big-To-Fail Banks Gamble With Bernanke Bucks – BILL FREZZA – … Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke plows ahead with his plan to disguise the country’s economic ills by carpet-bombing us with freshly printed money. Aided and abetted by the gnomes in the Bureau of Labor Statistics — who are doing their best to convince us that inflation remains at historic lows — Ben has promised to conjure up $1 trillion a year out of thin air until unemployment returns to a politically acceptable 6.5 percent. Where is all that new fiat currency going, and why haven’t we seen it show up in double digit inflation? The answer should frighten you. …Huffington Post 

(238 year inflation chart) CHART: Inflation Since 1775 And How It Took Off In 1933 – Sam Ro – …  Carmen Reinhart and Ken Rogoff offered a paper  … The authors argue that inflation didn’t take off until the U.S. went off the gold standard in 1933. … – Business Insider


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