Here Comes QE4 – What Will Probably Happen


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The FOMC Is Expected To Announce QE4 On Wednesday—Here’s What You Need To Know – … Going forward, the unsterilized $45 billion per month of Treasury purchases is expected to be open-ended as well – causing a few economists, like Maury Harris of UBS and Deutsche Bank’s Joe LaVorgna, to call the pending FOMC decision “QE4.” As UBS economist Drew Matus notes, “QE4 will result in a doubling of the expansion rate of the Fed’s balance sheet.” … Anything less than $45 billion in Treasury purchases from the Fed, most economists say, would not be enough to support risk appetite in financial markets. …Business Insider 

Fed is expected to launch new bond buying program – MARTIN CRUTSINGER – Huffington Post 
Fed Is Likely to Sustain Its Stimulus Program – By BINYAMIN APPELBAUM – The Federal Reserve is widely expected to announce on Wednesday that it will continue buying Treasury securities to stimulate growth in the new year. – NY Times
Long Bond Rallying Five Times TIPS Gives Bernanke Room for QE4 – Daniel Kruger, ©2012 Bloomberg News – SF Chronicle 
Why quantitative easing isn’t working – By Stephen Gandel – CNN Money


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