Origination Data, Fed’s Threshold, Reverse Upswing, Rosner on GSEs, Robert Samuelson on Fiscal Cliff, FHA Woes, Negative Equity Support, HomeSteps Bonus, Homeownership Stays Low


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Report: Originations Up in Q3, Market Opens Up Among Top Lenders – BY: TORY BARRINGER – … The findings were based on origination data for 29 lenders that accounted for 77 percent of the total estimated market. According to the findings, the market share at the five biggest originators was about 52.5 percent, down from 53.9 percent in the second quarter. The top five lenders— Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, USBank, Bank of America, and Quicken Loans —maintained their spots, but only BofA and Quicken managed to keep their market shares from declining. … – The M Report 
(threshold rule?) Yesterday, Fed Governor Janet Yellen Revealed The Fed’s Next Move – Joe Weisenthal – Business Insider 
Fed’s Yellen backs holding rates near zero to 2016 – By Braden Reddall – Reuters

New Indicators Point to Reverse Mortgage Upswing – by Elizabeth Ecker – Reverse Mortgage Daily 
Wall Street Kept Winning on Mortgages Upending Homeowners – By Bob Ivry – Bloomberg Businessweek 
Hey Fannie and Freddie, Pay Us Back! – By JOSHUA ROSNER – … Even more remarkable than their $140 billion public debt (the money lent to the agencies minus dividends paid) — equivalent to the stock market capitalizations of the Starbucks Corporation, the Kellogg Company and the McDonald’s Corporation combined — is that there seems to be no active plan to make taxpayers whole again. This, in short, has become the forgotten bailout. … – NY Times 
(would work but would they do it?) The ‘fiscal cliff’ deal we need – By Robert J. Samuelson – Washington Post 
Drop in FHA Insurance Fund Sparks Talk of Treasury Draw – BY: TORY BARRINGER – Then M Report 
HUD: FHA does not need immediate Treasury rescue – By Christina Mlynski – Housingwire

With Housing Demand Rebounding, Negative Equity Now Supports Housing Values – Dr. Duru – Seeking Alpha 
GSE Announces Winter Bonus for Agents Who Sell HomeSteps Homes – BY: ESTHER CHO    – Agents who sell HomeSteps homes, or Freddie Mac-owned residences, are eligible for winter bonuses. Freddie Mac announced it will pay a $1,000 bonus to a selling agent and $500 to listing agents as part of a winter promotion.DS News 
Homeownership Remains Low Despite Decreasing Burden of Owning – BY: KRISTA FRANKS BROCK    – … according to a recent report from Fannie Mae. … The national homeownership rate has declined in each of the past four years, … The decline among those 25 to 44 years of age is more than twice the overall decline. … – DS News


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