Thanksgiving and Weekend Reading: 220 Stories in 90 Days, Kyle Bass Letter, 2 on Housing Bubbles


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(fun read) Sky City: China to Build World’s Tallest Building, 220 Stories, in 90 Days – Michael Shedlock) – MISH’S Global Economic Trend Analysis
(has 31 page letter attached) Kyle Bass: Fallacies Such As MMT Are “Leading The Sheep To Slaughter” And “We Believe War Is Inevitable” – Submitted by Tyler Durden – Zero Hedge 

(sell MGIC buy NMI) Famous Bettor Against Subprime Kyle Bass Is Bullish On A Brand New Mortgage Insurer – Julia La Roche – Business Insider
(study of how bubbles work) Greatest Real Estate Bubble In Modern History Not Done Bursting –  Harry Dent – Forbes 
Grantham: Biggest Housing Bubble Since 807 A.D. Has Burst – Submitted by George Washington – Zero Hedge


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