FHA Section: Yves Blasts Shaun, FHA Really Broke?, On the Ropes?, Dr. Housing Bubble on FHA


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A continuing stream of the endless stories about FHA’s predicament.


(Yves blasts Shaun Donovan and Obama) – Quelle Surprise! HUD and Obama Whoppers About Mortgage Settlement, FHA Finances, Housing Market Remedies Coming Home to Roost – Yves Smith – Naked Capitalism
Is FHA Really Broke? Answer: It’s All About Cash Flow, Baby – By Paul Muolo – National Mortgage News 
(graphs and thoughts) FHA On The Ropes – Posted by Tom Lindmark – But Then What Blog 
FHA inches closer and closer to bailout – 1 out of 10 of the $1 trillion in FHA loan guarantees is in default.Dr. Housing Bubble


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