Dodd-Frank Related: Toothless Tiger?, QRM, Ben Wants Looser UWGL


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U.S. Treasury Exempts Foreign Exchange Swaps From Dodd-Frank – By Silla Brush – Boomberg Businessweek 

I wonder over time, how many other derivatives might be exempted from Dodd-Frank for seemingly good reasons. Each exemption will take a tooth out of the the tiger’s mouth, until the tiger becomes toothless. This will be interesting to follow.  BC


(loosen 20% down) Sen. Isakson: Proposed QRM guidelines stretch Dodd-Frank – Posted by kpanchuk – U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., believes the proposed qualified-residential mortgage rule defies the original intent of Dodd-Frank in its current form. … Still, he believes the proposed 20%-downpayment requirement for compliance with the Qualified Residential Mortgage rule is too steep and not in line with the legislation’s original intent. … – Housingwire


2 more D-F Related:

(QRM in A FEW WEEKS, FEW DETAILS) US’s Miller: Aim To Complete Mtg Rules; Reinvigorate Priv Mkt – (MNI) – U.S. Treasury Undersecretary for Domestic Finance Mary Miller Friday said one of the administration’s near-term priorities is to complete the mortgage finance rules mandated by the Dodd-Frank Act in order to kick-start private sector involvement in mortgage lending. … 
Bernanke Wants Looser Lending Standards In Bubble Reinflation Effort – By: David Dayen  – … But he describes the foreclosure crisis as the prime contributor to the Great Recession without bothering to mention that his agency had oversight responsibility over the mortgage market throughout the inflation of the housing bubble. … – FireDogLake


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