Texas Reverse Mortgages, Appraisal Scrutiny, Olive Garden, Olick on Cash-Ins, Flagstar Trial, Distressed Appraisals, Mortgage REITs


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(Texas) Lenders urge permitting sales of reverse-mortgaged homes – by Christopher Calnan – … to change the laws that don’t allow the sale of a home with a reverse mortgage. … it remains the only state in the nation that prohibits selling a home with a reverse mortgage … – Austin Business Journal 

Scrutiny for House Appraisers as Market Struggles – Shaila Dewan – NY Times


(slide show) 12 States Are Getting Buried By Foreclosures – Mamta Badkar – … Note: Rankings are based on the foreclosure rate, not total foreclosure filings. Foreclosure rate is defined as a foreclosure filing for 1 in every x homes … – Business Insider

Prepping for Obamacare, Olive Garden and Red Lobster Cut Workers’ Hours; Are Other Companies Doing the same? Tip Sharing Lowers Minimum Wage; Like One, Like All? – Michael Shedlock – MISH’S Global Economic Trend Analysis

(Cash-ins) Why Home Refinancing Boom Is Different This Time – By: Diana Olick – CNBC

(Flagstar) New York mortgage trial could have broad impact on Wall Street – By Nate Raymond – (Reuters) – A Michigan bank accused of misstating the quality of home loans it repackaged into mortgage-backed securities is set to go to trial on Wednesday, in a case that could affect pending lawsuits against some of Wall Street’s biggest firms.

Beige Book: Housing Market Turning AroundRTT News

Distressed Sales Interfere with Accurate Appraisals: NAR – BY: ESTHER CHO – DS News

Comparing Mortgage REITs: The Winners And The Risks – Part 1 – by Portfolio Management 101 – hattip Dave Akre – Seeking Alpha


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