CA Homeowners Bill, A Different View, Securitization Platform, Strategic Default, Overseas Call Centers, More Short Sales, QE3 and 600B, Housing Fever, Voter Chart, Why Fed Buys MBS, CA Home Prices


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(absolute must read) Tail Risk: Kamala Harris Declares War on Lenders, Loan Servicers in CA – Chris Whalen – Institutional Risk Analyst


(a view of mortgages and housing you have not seen) The World’s Largest Money-Laundering Machine: The Federal Reserve – Charles Hugh Smith – Of Two Minds 
(private deals too) FHFA proposes framework for new GSE securitization platform – By Justin T. Hilley – Housingwire 
U.S. Regulator Proposes Uniform System for Mortgage Securities – By Clea Benson – The plan would create a common method of issuing bonds, overseeing servicers, making payments to investors, and tracking loan performance, (FHFA) said in a white paper released yesterday. It would also standardize pooling and servicing contracts … – Bloomberg

Survey: 32% of Americans Justify Strategic Default – BY: ESTHER CHO – DS News
(Overseas call centers) Offshoring issues could challenge mortgage servicer ratings – By Kerri Ann Panchuk – Housingwire 

Why the big banks are doing more short sales – by Lily Leung – (lists Freddie changes) – San Diego UT 
U.S. Fed’s QE3 program expected to total $600 bln – Reuters Poll – by F wire – … and is likely to buy Treasuries outright after its “Operation Twist” stimulus ends in December … – Reuters

Housing Fever Can Work Both Ways – By ROBERT J. SHILLERNY Times
(chart) Why ‘Savers’ Should Vote Republican And ‘Homeowners’ Democrat – Submitted by Tyler Durden – Zero Hedge
Could Fannie and Freddie Add $5 Trillion to U.S. Debt? – By Michael Iachetta – … I would suggest, that one must understand the Federal Reserve’s purchase of mortgage securities from Fannie and Freddie.  … they effectively pave the way for eliminating the GSEs and nationalizing the secondary mortgage market.  … – American Thinker

California Home Sales Predicted to Continue Gradual Climb in 2013, State Realtors Group Says – by Michele Dawson – Realty Biz News 


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