FHA & Strategic Defaults, Credit Scores, Single Family Renters, Exponential Charts, Another Cliff, FHFA Punishes States, Banks 1 Homeowners 0, Inverse Floaters, Bair Says Cut Leverage, QE Dead Money, Fed Buys Everything, Leon Cooperman and Housing


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FHA may waive 3-year waiting period and prompt millions of strategic defaultsOC Housing News

One in five borrowers receives conflicting credit score reports: CFPB – By Kerri Ann Panchuk – Housingwire
Six Ways Single-Family Renters Are Different – Lisa Marquis Jackson – John Burns Real Estate Consulting Strategic Building Market Intelligence™ 

Several Exponential Charts – Submitted by Tyler Durden – Zero Hedge

There’s Another Imminent ‘Cliff’ You Should Know About, And It’s $1.6 Trillion Tall – Matthew Boesler    – Business Insider
One Chart That Shows Why The House Price Comeback Is A HUGE DEAL – Joe Weisenthal  – Business Insider

FHFA punishes states –  Alan White – My comments on the FHFA mortgage fee increase for NY, NJ, FL, IL and CT, here at Consumer Law & Policy. – Credit Slips

Fed Mortgage Buying Helps Big Banks More Than Homeowners – … Since the Fed’s Sept. 13 announcement that it would buy $40 billion more securities per month, the rates offered for new 30- year loans have fallen by just 0.13 percentage point, compared with a drop of about 0.7 percentage point for yields on the bonds into which the loans get packaged, according to data compiled by Bloomberg and Bankrate.com. The gap between the two, which typically signals increasing lender revenue when it widens, has reached a record of more than 1.7 percentage point. … – Bloomberg Businessweek 

(Housingwire was right, Propublica was wrong) ProPublica defiant as Freddie Mac inverse floater investigation comes up negative – Posted by Jacob Gaffney – Housingwire

(Bernanke not like this) U.S. Banks’ Leverage Should Be Halved to Cut Risks, Bair Says  – By Yalman Onaran – Bloomberg Businessweek

(required reading) Why QE Won’t Create Inflation Quite as Expected – Charles Hugh Smith – The Fed can create money but if it doesn’t end up as household income it is “dead money.” – Of Two Minds

Fed Virtually Funding the Entire US Deficit: Lindsey – By: Justin Menza – CNBC

(housing slides 13 & 14) Leon Cooperman Gave Students A Tremendous Presentation On Life, Hedge Funds And The Outlook For Markets – Julia La Roche – Business Insider


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