Pacifica-FNMA Details, Uneven G-Fees, 1031 Exchanges Explained, Harry Dent on Deflation, More HARP?, FNMA Delinquencies, UST Flash Crash, Eminent Domain, Freddie Principal Reduction


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(pretty slick has details) Pacifica Pays $12.3 Million in Structured Deal for Fannie Mae REO – By Paul Muolo – Mortgage Servicing News

(fat management fee drove deal?) FANNIE SELLS FLORIDA FORECLOSURES IN BULK TO SAN DIEGO FIRM – Written by Lily Leung – Pacifica wins bid in program to convert homes to rentals – San Diego U-T

(higher G-Fees for judicial states?) New York Homebuyers Face Risk of Fannie Rate Penalty: Mortgages – By Jody Shenn – That doesn’t bode well for New York, which is among states that extend added protections for borrowers in danger of losing their homes. It takes an average of 56.3 months, or almost five years, from a missed payment to the liquidation of a mortgaged property in New York, … – Bloomberg Businessweek


IRS 1031 Exchanges Explained – by Daniel Doran – Realty Biz News 
(demographics say deflation coming) A Decade of Volatility: Demographics, Debt, and Deflation – By Harry S. Dent, Jr., author of The Great Crash Ahead – John Mauldin’s Outside the Box 

(lot of details) Senators Reintroduce Bill to Expand HARP to Homeowners with Equity – BY JANN SWANSON – … The Responsible Homeowner Refinancing Act would extend the guidelines and reduced fees available under the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) to homeowners regardless of the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of their current GSE owned or guaranteed loan. …Mortgage News Daily

Fannie Mae Delinquencies: July 2012  – … indicated that all measures of single family delinquency continued to decline in July while remaining at distressed levels. … an overall total single family delinquency of 3.50%. … It’s important to understand that Fannie Mae does NOT segregate foreclosures from delinquent loans when reporting these numbers. … – Paper Economy – A US Real Estate Bubble Blog

(bored HFT’s?) Treasury flash crash could become reality – By Maureen Farrell @CNNMoneyInvest

Is It Illegal Under Federal Law to Opt Out Of Jurisdictions Exercising Eminent Domain? – By: Laurence E. Platt – … (money quote:) There is no federal or state law of which I am aware that obligates any person to be a chump. … – By K&L Gates

Freddie Mac clears mortgage principal reduction in more states – By Jon Prior – Housingwire


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