Benchmarking Survey Request from Shirley Clark of Innoveta Strategies


(Shirley Clark is a longstanding colleague, business partner, and friend of many MNC readers. – BC)


We need your help. Will you please share 10 minutes of your time for an important benchmarking survey?

As a long-time reader of Mortgage News Clips, I know this article doesn’t fit the normal model of industry insights and news. But – what is normal anyway? “Strategic” defaults? Legislation that hurts the very people it is supposed to protect? Banks who no longer want the headache of providing their customers with the single-most important personal loan most of them will ever make? Yeah, sadly… in 2012… all this is normal. So, in keeping tradition with the new normal, Bill has given me permission to share a right-brain (and perhaps a bit altruistic) editorial and request. I will get to the point.

We are embarking on a project with two interrelated objectives (operationalizing ethics and rebuilding trust) that tie in to an important third – the sustainability of the housing market. Lofty? Yes.

I could share countless references to articles, studies and speeches on the need to restore trust and how an ethical approach to business is an imperative in the process, but most of us have seen them. Many reading this article have already embraced the increased focus on ethics and trust in your organizations. However, with the proliferation of headlines pointing out the opposite, it has become important that we not only expand our approach to risk management, but have data to show that we are.

Enter the survey.

In addition to bringing attention to additional elements of risk management, The Benchmarking Survey has been developed to help create a positive dialogue in the public space.

Please participate – and forward this link to colleagues and anyone in the financial services sector – so that we will have a rich data base from which to do our work. All responses are anonymous. If you would like data when the survey is closed, you can request it on our website.

They preamble to the survey provides more information on how it will be utilized, so I won’t take up more space here. Thank you for your help in establishing a benchmark that will stand on its own. Thank you, Bill, for allowing this abnormal request.

Shirley Clark, Managing Director, INNOVETA Strategies, LLC

One final right-brain thought from a woman who had amazing successes – in spite of the tough cards she was dealt.

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence." -  Helen Keller


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